em>spray-paintpwAerosol Creations

Is a website displaying the art of Sydney Graffiti artist DestaOne. All the artist’s works have been created with permission. The aim of the website is not only to display his artwork but also to show a positive side to Graffiti Art. A self taught artist, Desta has been drawing since a young age and painting graffiti art since 1983. The site not only displays work done in different mediums, but also services available to you, the public. desta


This site offers artwork from the artist DestaOne to you. I can create custom graffiti artwork for your home or business. Our specialty is graffiti murals for walls that have been vandalized with mindless scrawls (tags). Murals stop the scrawling, keeping it to a bare minimal if not stopping it altogether. I also make custom caps & graffiti canvasses with names and characters. Great for childrens rooms, as a gift or just because. We can decorate your favorite pair of sneakers with graffiti, create Birthday cards or design graffiti tattoos. We also offer graffiti workshops for parties or corporate events where your guests can try their hand at graffiti art. desta

 I also have experience as a prop/set painter and set dressing for film and event industry. Most notably working as a set painter on Angelina Jolie’s feature film ‘Unbroken’.  desta


             The main purpose of the site is to display the artist’s passion and dedication for the artform.

         AC-LOGO-SINCE-1990web       Destag - Copy (2)




  1. destaone says:

    “graffiti is good for the soul!’

  2. destaone says:

    Hey there subscribers. Been doing some work at a film/TV/event prop specialist. Ive painted up a hermit crab and his shell for a client. Check it out on this link. https://www.facebook.com/destaonedca?ref=hl
    ‘Brushing your teeth prevents tooth decay!’

  3. destaone says:

    Hey there peeps! I have a corporate graffiti workshop coming up this week. Its always fun to see people try their hand at graffiti art. The results are surprising. Im always down to spread the word of graffiti art and the fun the participants have whilst having a go. Pics end of week.

  4. Hey Desta,
    Thought I’d just drop you a line as I see you do corporate events for spray painting. I’m a stencil artist that would like to learn more about your craft.
    Any chance a workshop might be happening sometime?
    Lara aka Cherry Bomb
    You can check out my work on Facebook under cherry bomb art.

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